What we see in others is ALWAYS about ourselves

If you find you are starting to have problems with the people in your life, or that you seem to have a similar problem with random people all the time, stop and take a look at the issue.

Is there a common issue in each connection? What is the common issue? Is it criticism, shame, compassion etc?

Then take a look at the other common denominator........... that's you. What we see in others is ALWAYS about ourselves - we see things through our OWN lenses, not the lenses of others!

What we see acts as a mirror for ourselves! Yay! So, when you have an issue with others, see if you can find where in yourself you may have the same issue - then, instead of judging it, hold back, and instead transform it into a strength.

How? Ask your body. It has the answers! You can access them through a therapy called Kinesiology - which allows your body to tell you what needs to be done to help you change and move out of difficulty into strength.

Discovered Kinesiology yet?

AnikaB xxx

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