Time to Recharge

Do you plug in your phone to charge its battery?

Do you do the same for your Mind-Body-Spirit?

Our bodies are just the same! We need time out to recharge! I look at time out as the time I put myself of the charger – literally. I tune into the energy from Source in the Universe via meditation and help myself to all the light I want!

I know, and I think many of you reading this will know from experience that all work and no play makes healthy habits more challenging to keep doing. We need to work and we want to have fun in our social and families, lives, and for that we need to stay healthy, and for that we need to allow for time out too.

Put a small amount of time twice each week for mindfulness, meditation relaxation and/or reflection. Remember to do this with positivity and gratitude, and give back to your body for all that it does for you during the week.

Use your time wisely to restore your body and mind for another week of wellness.

Yours in health AnikaB xxx

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