Protecting the Skin that Protects You!

Your skin is a living organ – the largest of your body. It is super smart, don’t you think, to be able to be on the outside as well as the inside of your body, and protect you both outside and inside the way it does?

This incredibly important organ helps you in so many ways: it protects you against germs naturally, it covers and buffers your internal organs, and helps regulate the body’s temperature. It even breathes and detoxes for you! Yet we often overlook the skin in our quest for health. If you take care of your skin, it will help you in so many ways! Healthy skin literally comes from inside – so, to take care of your skin which takes care of you, here are the top 5 helpful things you can be doing:

(A) Start by stopping the addition of toxins onto or that end up in your skin! Start now replacing all chemicals with natural products, starting with your dishwashing and body washes, your face and body lotions, your deodorants and sunscreens! Super-tip: models limit or eliminate intakes of caffeine and alcohol because it dries out their skin for photo shoots and shows wrinkles!

(B) Taking in plant oils fortifies your skin massively! “Essential fatty acids” such as Flaxseed, hemp oil etc are you’re your skin needs to defend itself, cell by cell.

(C) Water is the next ingredient every cell needs, so get plenty of it (super tip: put a pinch of salt or few drops of juice or chlorophyll into your water to ensure it gets into your cells),

(D) Super important is eating fresh, well grown veggies and fruits with plenty of life force in them, and

(E) The last, and one of the most important tips, is to be sure to get plenty of sleep, especially before 10.30pm!

Yours in health AnikaB xxx

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