Posture for Life in 2021

With all of us spending so much time in front of laptops and devices today, HOW you sit or stand comes to play a VERY big role in your health - and not just your physical health either - also in your mental, emotional and even internal biochemical health.

How you sit or stand determines which muscles are on, or off and where pressure goes - and this determines blood and lymphatic fluid flow. It's important to help your body keep functioning well, even in front of a computer - why? Because we are using our Brains a lot!

And Brains need good blood and lymphatic flow. When we don't have good blood flow - we get tired, lethargic, foggy or 'over it'. So do your best not just to sit/stand 'upright' - but find your BALANCE. Sit or stand in a position where your body feels balanced, where it is effortless to sustain that position. It really makes the tasks at hand seem effortless, when you are not fighting the strain in your body at the same time.

Having a BALANCED posture helps prevent stagnation, aches, stress and pain like backache, head, neck, arm and hand pain.

I use a note to remind me to sit in a Balanced way - you can do the same, until it becomes an automatic habit.

Do whatever you have to do, move furniture if you need to, to allow yourself to enjoy a

Balanced posture. It's worth it! And every now and then, remember to move, lift the legs, and stretch your arms, shoulders, head and neck as well.

You can do this RIGHT NOW! And enjoy the feeling of working in an effortlessly BALANCED way.

AnikaB xxx

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