Did you know that crystals can make your meditation easier, more fun, more relaxing and rewarding too?

Here are some ideas to support you in your meditation practices:

Use light coloured crystals as darker ones will ground you and not assist meditation.

Holding a Rose Quartz will connect you with the energy of universal unconditional love. Beautiful to feel this and be reminded Love is always there, present and available.

Holding a Selenite will bring light around you, and can be immensely uplifting, as well as facilitate messages from your Higher Self.

Holding a Clear Quartz can help you have clarity.

Holding a Milky Quartz is very soothing and can help you calm down before you meditate, to help you meditate well. Works very well with Rose Quartz.

Holding both Clear Quartz and Milky Quartz provides a balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy enhancers, providing a soothing, and clear meditation experience.

Play and enjoy your meditation time!

AnikaB xxx

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