This month I've been focusing on meditation, as the Holidays can be stressful and meditation can help alleviate our stresses a lot.

I call meditation 'taking out the mental garbage'. Even 5 or 10 minutes can change your whole mood and even your body function and chemistry! Ask yourself - in these next 5 minutes - will the world change if I sit down and slow down for 5 minutes? For 10? No...

The world is not going to change significantly in the next hour, so you have have time to spend slowing down. When you're done, you may think ' that was easy, I really could do that more often'. Yes, you can.

Here's the trick: DON'T THINK. The reason we need meditation is a MENTAL one. Our minds are too busy - so of course they will always say 'no, I'm too busy to meditate' - but - that is PRECISELY the time that it benefits you most to sit and slow down for 5-10 minutes.

You might like to, as I have, adopt the Nike slogan "Just Do It".

Remember the trick: NO THINKING, JUST DOING - and the ENJOYING of the benefits! If you are super-watchful of yourself, you may even notice changes in your body, your posture, movement and function in the hours following, as a result of taking 5-10 mins for yourself morning and afternoon. It's not much to ask really. On that note....I'm closing down now for 5.....


AnikaB xxx

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