I’ve tried but I can’t meditate’ I hear people say. As a meditation teacher, I love to explain to them that meditation is not something you DO. It is much, much simpler than that.

Meditation is simply something you ALLOW to occur. But how?

You simply sit comfortably, and allow your mind to stop working for a while. People say ‘but that’s difficult!’ Yes, of course it is challenging! Your Mind’s job is TO THINK. And that is what it will do. We cannot turn the mind off completely – only REST it.

Your job is very simply to notice. Notice when you have a thought, or thoughts, and take your attention back to your breathing, or your comfortable body position, and allow your mind to rest, once again.

Nothing more than that.

It is critically important that we allow our minds to REST. They work too hard in today’s world, they take up all the energy we have and that energy uses up our nutrients, runs down our organ energy, and divert energy from the inner workings of our bodies – our hearts, our immune and detox systems. And everything is important! We must allow fair and balanced energy to all parts of ourselves, and meditation is one of the fastest, easiest and best ways to do it.

At first – it feels new. Of course. But even after a first 5 minute go, you can experience benefits!

Meditation is scientifically proven to these things, which you may very well feel, even after 5 minutes:

Lower your blood pressure and heart rate >Raise the levels of happy hormones in the body >Increase positive emotions >Increase satisfaction in life generally >Increase memory >Improve concentration >Increase and better the function of your digestion and immunity >Increase the quality of your social connections

… as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Like anything worth doing, it takes a few times of practice to get yourself into a meditative state quickly and

easily, but just a few minutes of quiet time each day can keep you positive!

Meditation can do a lot more, such as get you in touch with your higher self or inner wisdom, and deliver inspired ideas to get you moving towards your manifestation goals.

I’d say that’s worth it, don’t you agree?

If you’re starting out, using soft music or guided meditations can help. I love the apps ‘Meditation Music’ and ‘Nature Sounds’.

I hope this little post has inspired you to try 5 minutes of resting your mind today! Enjoy!


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