Lower Back Pain

Graeme came to me for help with his lower back pain. This is a common pain for many people, even without damage to the spine or discs. He had injured his back at work and now had a slipped disc, which was putting pressure on a nerve sending pain down his leg all the way to his ankle. ‘Agony’ as he put it .

You might be surprised to learn that Kinesiology has been shown in a clinical trial to be the most effective therapy for lower back pain, even among well known treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic.

Why would that be? It is for a number of reasons, but here are my favourite two that make a massive difference: 1) kinesiology works to correct (we call it to ‘balance’) the function of the muscles holding the vertebrae and discs in their correct positions, and 2) we discover the ‘issue’, thought or emotion that caused that muscle to be compromised or weak in the first place – ensuring this problem will not reoccur.

Why? Why heal completely? Well, the way I see it, there will never be a time upon Earth when we are all 100% healthy. Our health will always fluctuate according to what we are facing in life, that is just how it is. So, healing up one imbalance or pain is simply one step along the path in our daily growth.

So yes, I believe we should heal things completely. Not chase solutions forever. Because your next challenge will arrive soon enough after that! That’s what life is all about!

Graeme? Yes I balanced him over the course of the next 6 sessions. Each time he had less and less pain – yay! The main issues I helped him deal with were loads of criticism, shame and blame in his childhood, which meant he felt ‘wrong’ or ‘to blame/guilty’ and ended up taking on too much in his life! He was working like a machine – and his body couldn’t take it. Simply couldn’t take it, and gave him the signal to work smarter! Not harder.

These issues were STILL running around in his subconscious, and compromising the function of the tiny little muscles supporting each vertebrae in his lower back.

8 weeks later and he is completely pain free, and can bend, sit and squat just fine again! I know, hard to believe, especially for Graeme! You should have seen his face each session! But he has been warned – to value and honour himself and he will stay healthy. I don’t think I will have to see him again – isn’t that great?

Another blessed outcome, which you can have as well. Just see your Kinesiologist and ask your body what you, individually, need in order to be well.

Lots of Love, AnikaB xo

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