Freedom from Loneliness - Part 4

In part 4 of this 4 part blog series, I am sharing with you the journey of 'Melinda' who allowed her story to be shared with the hope it would help others.

From earlier: Last year I assisted Melinda, a woman in her mid-30's who came to me in emotional despair. She’d had a series of unfulfilling emotional relationships, and she was confused and disheartened. She wanted to have children and a family, but she couldn’t seem to find the right man. She was despairing for a relationship and for the opportunity to have children in her future. After we established the connection with her body, her muscles began indicating that she had several unhelpful beliefs held as memories in her body…

After we balanced several difficult emotional responses from her childhood and many unhelpful limiting beliefs in her subconscious, Melinda’s body revealed the last belief holding her back from happy relationships and keeping her alone and lonely: “I’m only safe when I’m alone”.

Melinda admitted that she believed that being alone was the only way she could guarantee her emotional safety!

Yet another reason why ‘love’ and ‘relationships’ were so challenging for her!

Melinda shared how she found herself always rejecting the men she had dated, sometimes from pain, but sometimes also because she wanted to punish the man in place of her father, who hurt her by keeping his heart an unreachable distance from her.

She also learned that she rejected men because the idea of becoming close to them was terrifying for 2 reasons: she would either worry that she would ultimately be rejected anyway and to avoid pain she rejected the man first, and she was terrified of real love, which seemed completely foreign and frightening.

So we worked slowly, methodically through all of her Protective Beliefs, stopping each time to give healing to the inner part of the client who had been taught the wrong thing and denied love in the process. I held space as I guided her to empower herself to welcome and adopt new truths about love.

4 weeks later she reported peace and clarity, and less internal stress now around men and potential dates. She is enjoying some inner peace. She doesn’t feel the same as before around men, but instead feels more calm and relaxed.

Melinda has been dating a man now for 6 months without complaint or need to rush any decisions, about commitment or about rejection either!

Her body has indicated it is time to defuse her need to protect herself by avoiding commitment …. That’s next time though…..Changes take time, and it is about the Journey, not the Destination

Have you discovered Kinesiology yet?

AnikaB xxx.

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