Freedom from Loneliness - Part 3

In part 3 of this 4 part blog series, I am sharing with you the journey of 'Melinda' who allowed her story to be shared with the hope it would help others.

From last time: Last year I assisted Melinda, a woman in her mid-30's who came to me in emotional despair. She’d had a series of unfulfilling emotional relationships, and she was confused and disheartened. She wanted to have children and a family, but she couldn’t seem to find the right man. She was despairing for a relationship and for the opportunity to have children in her future. After we established the connection with her body, her muscles began indicating that she had several unhelpful beliefs held as memories in her body…

As we continued to muscle monitor and consult the body for the next imbalance her body wanted to correct, her body then indicated the word “Rejection”. The client was at first confused, thinking we had discussed this issue already in the session. Upon further investigation it turned out there was more to discover…and a complicated issue at that. It seemed her subconscious had taken on a collection of beliefs, beliefs which were built one on top of the other, starting with:

“Love is rejection” – she learned this from how her father treated her. Melinda then saw that she was doing the same! She was rejecting men, because this was what felt natural to her, but it wasn’t working to make her happy.

This belief was followed by “Love hurts”. Her body, mind and heart had learned to connect pain with love due to her father’s negative attention, and she believed subconsciously that love was painful, and to be avoided.

We then identified “I can’t be close to those I love”. Melinda noted that no matter how she tried, her father did not want to be emotionally close to her. The emotional distance was painful, and so it was better to keep her distance, even from those she dated!

The body also identified this subconscious belief: “I don’t welcome love”. Melinda’s body, mind and heart did not like the ‘love’ on offer, and not wanting to feel any more pain, had decided subconsciously to stop letting love in.

Until her body revealed this, she never realized the totality of these beliefs and how effectively they were keeping love out of her life! It was not her fault – it was her beliefs!

We followed the guidance of the body to correct her subconscious beliefs from stopping her welcoming and enjoying love in her life, and we assisted her body to integrate this from all different ages to her current age. Score three for the body!

Stay tuned for part 4, when we witness even more amazing and enlightening things to learn from Melissa’s experience of listening to her body!

Have you discovered Kinesiology yet?

AnikaB xxx.

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