Freedom from Loneliness

In this 4 part blog series, I will share with you the journey of 'Melinda' who allowed her story to be shared with the hope it would help others.

Last year I assisted Melinda, a woman in her mid-30's who came to me in emotional despair. She’d had a series of unfulfilling emotional relationships, and she was confused and disheartened. She wanted to have children and a family, but she couldn’t seem to find the right man. She was despairing for a relationship and for the opportunity to have children in her future.

After we established the connection with her body, her muscles began indicating that she had several unhelpful beliefs held as memories in her body and energy systems, chakras and auras.

Her body led us to a word and a belief we needed to clear; the word ‘Scorn’. This is a powerful word, it means to be rejected in a hateful way. To be looked down upon as not good enough, and rejected. The belief connected to this word was that she was “not welcomed or accepted lovingly”.

When I asked Melinda what this was about for her, she shared that as a child her father only ever engaged with her when she needed disciplining. So can you guess what she would do? She wanted her father’s approval, and loving attention, but the only time he would engage with her was when she was being ‘naughty’. So she learned to be ‘naughty’ - a lot.

She saw for herself in her first session, that as a consequence of growing up as a child whose father only engaged and gives her negative attention, she learned that the only attention she was worthy of from men, was negative attention.

This was why she had been attracting the wrong kind of man. Score one for the body!We corrected the meridians and chakras that needed balancing and discussed her awareness, how she could behave differently, and if she could give herself permission for gaining attention for behaving in a positive way. We built a small action plan.

Melinda went away to practice her new skills, to return 4 weeks later, when she had even more amazing and enlightening things to learn from her body! Stay tuned for part 2 of Melinda's journey ....

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