Dealing with Loss in Today’s World

The world has seen a lot of loss and death, especially lately. Anne came to see me recently, she was very depressed, and had lost all motivation. She had also lost her father a couple of months ago, to covid in a nursing home. She was not particularly close to him, but their relationship was far, far better than she had with her mother. At his funeral though, she felt treated as a bit of an outsider to her stepfamily. Her stress level when we started was 100%! And her life force only 11%. The goal is, of course, to reverse that trend.

During our second session together, it emerged that Anne had been a surprise baby. That her Mother was not keen on another child, and had a lot of trouble connecting to, and loving Anne. Her parents split up and Anne moved in with her Dad and Stepmum.

Over the years, the relationship with her mother did not improve. She was however, close to her step-family.  

When we asked her body what we had to do to help Anne regain her motivation, the body selected the words “Loss’ and ‘Connection’.

She could not understand the relevance, so we discussed the time of her childhood:

Me: “How does this relate to you Anne?”

Anne: “Well, I have lost the connection to my Dad”

Me: “Let’s ask the body if that is what this is about …”Testing revealed this was not the connection the Body wanted us to make, to understand.

Me: “How else are loss and connection related in your life at the moment? Is there any other connection or connections you have lost or are afraid you will lose?”

Anne: “Well, this is interesting! It’s weird but I feel that losing my Dad is the last connection to my stepfamily, and that maybe I’m losing my connection to them too”

After some tears, and some holding space for Anne, we tested what her body needed. It needed massage of the abdomen to release grief held there, and a remedy for 6 weeks to support her in her ups and downs. We discussed a plan that Anne was comfortable with, to keep in contact with her step family regularly.

She left hugely relieved and the stress and grief in her body was reduced to 1%, and she regained 98% of her life force as well.

It takes a bit more contemplation and thinking in today’s world, to ensure all members of families deal well with loss, and continue to feel included after major changes take place. Keep loving each other.


AnikaB xxx.

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