Adopting New Healthy Habits

If you are like most people, you are busy and find it hard to make time for new, healthy habits. Without a plan, it’s all too easy to find that your already-packed schedule won’t allow you the ‘spare time’ necessary to do anything new very often. You’ll be too busy, too tired, or will easily find another excuse to let inertia snuff out your best intentions.

A good idea is to find a specific time in your schedule that’s allotted just for your new healthy or stress-management activity…and put it in your diary! That’s right – into your diary. When you commit it to paper, even digitally – it tends to get done. So whether it’s ‘every morning before my shower’, 'during my lunch break', or ‘weeknights at 8’, you need to have a time that you know is set aside for your chosen activity so that you won’t need to continually find a reason to practice your healthy habits.

Many people find it easiest to do things in the morning before they start their day, or at night before bed. Others find snatches of time during the day. Start today and if you try this for 2 weeks, you might just have a new healthy habit!

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