Infertility linked to Parental Disharmony

At age 22, Aleisha had been diagnosed with PCOS, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, a condition which is characterized by hormones that are out of balance, and which contribute to her eggs not being fully released from their ovaries, and instead becoming cysts. As she sat with me, telling me her history, I could see the actual physical pain she was in due to 2 large cysts found via ultrasound a fortnight earlier.

Aleisha wanted to deal with her PCOS, and be out of pain, as well as have regular periods. She also wanted to have children someday, and had heard that PCOS limited her fertility and chanced of conceiving.

After taking a detailed history of Aleisha's background, including family life as well as health and medical details, we began working with her body using Kinesiology.

What became clear almost immediately, even before we began, was that her childhood had had a massive impact and deep influence on her psyche and her body.

Almost from the start, her body requested we go back to a time in her childhood to clear stresses held in her body from that time. Every time we tested for the next stress to clear from her body that was blocking her from having balanced hormones and healthy, vibrant fertility, the body always requested we return to her childhood.

For Aleisha, this was a big wake-up call. Here are some of the realizations she had, and gave me permission to share with others:

Her body brought to her attention, over and over, her memories of watching her parents argue and fight, including whose turn it was to care for the children that day/night. Her body indicated clearly her subconscious response to this; which was to take on the belief that children are a burden. Her emotional response as indicated by her body was to feel her parents 'hate' of her and her siblings, and their 'regret' of having had children.

Her father especially took delight in belittling his wife for being a woman and incapable of caring for 3 children 24/7/365.

From exposure to this attitude from her care-givers, Aleisha's subconscious also formed these beliefs (without Aliesha's permission of course, as is the normal operation of the subconscious mind):

"I am not welcomed or accepted lovingly" and "I do not have a right to be here, to be fed and taken care of".

Her parents had made these statements clear in their behaviour to Aleisha and her 2 siblings.

So, in order to avoid upsetting her parents, and risk her own safety which her own care-givers were responsible for providing, her subconsicous decided it was necessary for her to adopt these beliefs.

These statements, however, equate to: "I am not welcomed or accepted lovingly".......this equates to believing: I am not acceptable as I am....which is: as a child, and as a female.

"I do not have a right to be here, to be fed and taken care of".........equates to:

as a child I was a burden to others............therefore children are a burden...........

therefore I must avoid having children........


The aha moment had arrived.

I stood quietly supporting my client as she slowly realized all the negative messages she had been subjected to as a child, and what her subconscious had concluded from those experiences. She marveled at the body/mind and it's deep desire to protect her and try to help her by adopting beliefs based on her immediate environment, that would best help her in her life. Unfortunately those beliefs, though they may have helped her at some point, were now clearly holding her back.

As quantum science is now discovering, our thoughts send out waves of energy which attract and create our immediate reality and environment. And thoughts or beliefs from our subconscious mind go out 24/7/365 - without a person having the slightest idea what is being 'thought' subconsciously. And so it goes, with the subconscious continually creating our reality.

For Aleisha it created blockages in her many electrical, energetic and organ systems - enough to produce the imbalance in her hormones called PCOS. It also ensured she attracted only men who also did not want children. This was something that caused her much despair.

So we proceeded to reverse and de-programme the limiting beliefs from her body and her energy systems (meridians/aura), over a few sessions, and each time she saw the results for herself at the end of the session.

Her body chose to do a session each fortnight for 3 months, and a monthly session for the next 3 months. Every time Aleisha felt lighter and happier, and within 3 weeks her pain had gone. At 2 months she had another ultrasound that showed the cysts were shrinking and had almost fully disappeared (not by bursting either, which is common with PCOS).

Four (4) years later she is still healthy and PCOS free, enjoying balanced periods, and now happily engaged to a wonderful man from a stable family background, and they can't wait to have children together. This was another benefit of her sessions - she reversed her idea of her own value, her worthiness, and attracted men who also valued her. And children!

When is see her at the local shops now we share a secret, silent smile of joyful recognition. I have a feeling I will be seeing her happy for years to come, with a child on her hips.

Please, do not under estimate the effect that mental/emotional/energetic changes can and do have on a person's internal bio-chemistry. Your biochemistry is a direct RESULT of the way your energy works; and if it works well and unimpeded, so does your internal health.

As I love saying: Warning: Kinesiology often results in health. Lol!

All the best, Anika x.

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