Frozen Shoulder linked to Heavy Emotions.

Alan was in major pain from a frozen right shoulder when he came upon my information online. His pain began 15 years ago and just got steadily worse, no matter what therapy he tried, and no matter what medications, injections or tablets he used.

He asked my opinion of what would work, and I suggested we ask his body. Why not go to the source? After he got over the shock of such new and down to earth idea, he booked an assessment with me called a Discovery Session.

To quote Alan, the discovery session was one of the single most amazing experiences of his life.

I assessed all of Alan’s body systems, and found many things he had forgotten and thought were unrelated. We took some time to discuss how they related.

He had a hostile boss at a time when his wife was also being hostile towards him. This ended in divorce and more hostility over the ownership of the house, the belongings and the children’s custody. It all began to make sense to Alan.

All the shocks and bad treatment he had received slowly, over 15 years, had accumulated in his body and become stored in the cell memory of his shoulder muscles.

He was ‘shouldering’ the burdens of his life; when suddenly it all became too much. The stiffness and pain were the symptoms of these internal stresses.

The Discovery process showed Alan needed a treatment plan consisting of 3 Kinesiology muscle-reset sessions followed by remedial massage for 2 weeks, as well as amino acids and Vitamin E and fish oil for inflammation control and joint mobility support.

Three 2-hour sessions later Alan was the happy recipient of his full range of motion in his right shoulder once again.

And - his shoulder was now silent! His face was one of complete shock as he moved his arm in a complete circle – in silence! The clicking that he had (and forgot to mention) for 15 years when he swung his arm was gone.

It is such a pleasure to help people achieve health and balance once again – even if it does cause mild shock! Perhaps healing is possible after all, for those issues we feel are beyond help?

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