The Coffee Lullaby: Narcolepsy linked to Overwork and Overuse of Stimulants.

A man I will call Anthony came for help with what was diagnosed as Narcolepsy - falling asleep at odd times during the day. Through muscle testing we found a pattern which showed he couldn’t stay awake more than 10 mins when he had had coffee, caffeine, an energy drink, a coke or chocolate.

After some testing, we found we had to trace the problem to a time he was running his own meat delivery and trucking company in Toowoomba. There had been a day when all his 5 drivers rang up sick - and he made the choice to do all 5 meat runs to Brisbane businesses that day himself, lifting sides of beef weighing up to 200kg! He remembered starting at 9pm, and was still working as he drove back up the Toowoomba range the following afternoon at 4pm; having had endless coffees, two bottles of coke, and most of a large bar of chocolate to keep himself awake.

He was then overtaken by such violent heart palpitations, he pulled over and called his wife to tell her to call an ambulance as he thought he was dying. He struggled to breathe & stay conscious, and finally the ambulance arrived. He was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment. Following this incident, his body never let him have more than one taste of any kind of stimulant, without putting him straight to sleep!

We discussed why this would happen. He now understands that his body has gotten the message that when he takes a stimulant, it must be because he needs sleep. Clever body. And the body has been trying to stay alive by avoiding caffeine, which caused such distress to the heart rhythm.

He was very deeply moved when he understood this and shed some tears, realizing how hard he had worked, and how much strain he had placed his body under. Working with his body, we have now re-set his nervous system, as well as helped his adrenal glands and heart to recover fully.

He can now have coffee, coke and chocolate again - with the understanding he is never to abuse his body with them, or any other substance, in this way again. He now has a healthy respect for his body’s life-protecting properties! He knows now he must find easier solutions to problems; than doing everything by himself!

If the effect of coffee is wearing off on you, it's time to book in for a session to recover your health and your energy. Please feel free to ask me :-)

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