A Life of Suffering & Repeated Trauma linked to Karma.

A lady I will call Cheryl came to me for help healing many issues. She was at the end of her rope. She was struggling with low energy, low vitality, feeling bad about herself, she never slept and was addicted to alcohol. She was lonely and couldn’t form relationships of any kind with others, friendships and loving relationships were all too hard, as was the relationship with her family. No medical intervention or healing she had tried over the last 20 years had had any effect.

Cheryl bravely shared with me the terrible news that she had been sexually abused as a baby, right throughout her infancy and childhood. This is unfortunately more common than anyone would like to believe.These past traumas had left her very, very deeply distressed and in despair of help, and of having any happiness in her life.

After listening to her story, I got to work quickly and cleared the way to honest and accurate information from her body. It was when I asked the body a question about being ready to heal, that the moment arrived. Her body informed us, it was not okay for Cheryl to heal.

This sounds ludicrous. And it is, in a way. But here the body was telling us there is something that has to be done first, before healing can occur. So I continued, asking 'can we fix this?'. ‘Yes’ was the answer. ‘How?’ we asked. The answer was not 'via kinesiology'; but 'via a Shamanic Healing Journey’.

I explained to Cheryl what this was all about – it is a session using the Crystal Dreaming technique which expands a person’s 3rd eye chakra and allows them to see what is causing the pain in their bodies, the causes of illness, for themselves. It then allows us to facilitate healing for all parties involved, resulting in freedom for my client. Freedom from pain, from distress, from trauma, from restriction, anxiety and fear. I asked if she was willing to try it. Cheryl responded that she was willing to try anything! Anything at all that would allow her to get out of the personal hell she was living in.

We arranged the session for the following day. Cheryl arrived happy but tired due to little sleep.

I advised Cheryl she would have to answer 3 questions before we started: 1) would she agree to speak clearly with me at all times about what she was viewing through her 3rd eye during the session? (2) would she agree to return to the present moment, and to her physical body, when I asked her to, no matter what? And (3) would she give me permission to speak on her behalf, if it became necessary? She agreed to all 3.

I then asked Cheryl to lie on the large bed in the room and place her head between all the crystals arranged at the top of the bed. I then meticulously placed crystals in her hands, by her feet and around and on her body. After asking if she was comfortable, we began with the standard exercises of inviting help from higher beings, clearing the aura and exercises to open her 3rd eye. That done, I asked her to begin scanning her body with her mind, and advising me of anything she saw/felt/knew what was ‘not right’ or out of place.

Immediately she noted a pain in her heart. I guided her in requesting her body to reveal to her the cause of her pain by releasing the memories held in that part of her body.

'What's happening?' I asked her.

‘I’m standing in a dark, cool place. Stone.’ Cheryl said.

‘Look down at your feet, what’s on your feet?’ I asked ‘Sandals’ she said ‘Beautiful leather sandals’

‘What else are you wearing?’ I asked ‘Some sort of material around my groin;

‘Anything else? Keep looking…’

‘Ah, there’s something on my shoulders…..its heavy! And, like, hard and really, really big, feels like a headpiece, or headdress, or … OH MY GOD I AM A PHAROAH!’

Right. Okay. Pause.

‘Look around you, is anyone else there?’

‘Yes, I have 2 servants who have been dressing me’.

‘Dressing you for any particular reason?’

‘Yes, I need to walk through the door’

‘What door?’ I ask

‘The door in front of me. It’s closed but it has a very bright light coming from the edges’ Cheryl says. I ask if she is okay to proceed through the door and find out what is on the other side. She’s a little hesitant, but says yes. As she steps through the door onto a landing and balcony area, we see thousands and thousands of beautifully dark-skinned African men out in the desert immediately in front of the building, dressed in loin-covering cloths, all facing the building, all holding spears or arrows and all firing these spears and arrows through the sky towards her Cheryl, particularly her heart. I ask her to step back through the door, and she does.

‘Do you know who these people are any why they are firing these spears and arrows at you?’ I asked? ‘Yes. They are arrows of hate and anger from people I have hurt’ she said. ‘Are you aware what you did to hurt them?’ Pause. ‘I separated them from their families and marched them across the desert from the west, to here, to build my cities, temples and pyramids.’

‘And what happened?’

Suddenly it is all clear.

‘They all died from overwork. I worked them to death. Oh God, Oh God, I am so ashamed of all this. Oh God.’ I can see her heart chakra twisting in pain and agony, and her tears begin to flow.

Causing the wilful death of any person on earth is a major crime under Universal law, and Cheryl will have accumulated large amounts of Karma from this act. There will be time to ask about outstanding Karma later. Right now, forgiveness and healing are needed……

‘Why did you do this?’ I ask. And even I was not prepared for this......

‘They demanded it.’

‘Who demanded this?’ I ask

‘The Gods.’

‘What Gods are these Cheryl?’

‘The ones here.’


‘In the chamber behind me’

‘Who is in the room Cheryl?’

At this point Cheryl stopped speaking, her body became rigid with fear and she became reluctant to have anything to do with the chamber or the ‘Gods’ in it. I assured her she didn’t have to go into the chamber, just tell me about who was in there.

‘The tall Gods. The ones with tall legs and animal heads.’ Says Cheryl

‘Describe them please. What do they look like?’

‘Each one is different. There is one with a falcon’s head, one with a jackal’s head, with an ibis’ head, a lion, a crocodile, and some without animal features’ she says

‘Who are these Gods?’

‘I don’t know. But they arrived here and they took over.’

‘So what happened between you and the Gods that involves these men?’

‘The Gods wanted someone to be the leader, and they offered it to me. I didn’t really want to take it though.’ she says.

‘So why did you accept their offer?’ I asked.

Cheryl waits, then remembers…..

‘They made me feel important. I had no family, they had died of disease. I was alone and lonely.’ Ah.

‘So you accepted to feel included or important?’ I asked. ‘Yes’ Cheryl says ‘Important’.

‘So what’s happening after you were appointed to Pharaoh?’

‘I’m treated like a pawn in their game. They only want me to be the front man. They are running the show, they make all the decisions.’

‘What would happen if you refuse to do as they ask, or give up being Pharaoh?’

Cheryl freezes. ‘They would kill me.’

‘I understand.’

At this point I guide Cheryl to step out back onto the landing and ask the men for a representative who could communicate with her, on their behalf. One man steps forward. Cheryl explains to him the situation she was in as the male pharaoh, as a figurehead without any real power and forced to march these men away from their families towards their deaths. The man shared this with the crowd and the arrows immediately cease coming.

We then begin a long process of apologies and requesting forgiveness for the terrible deeds done to each of them. Cheryl expresses her utter shame at having done what she did, her utter remorse and that she has learned and would never do anything remotely like this ever again.

Slowly, forgiveness is granted by groups of these men. As soon as they forgive her they collapse onto the ground, group by group. They are utterly exhausted.

Immediately I call upon the spirit guides and the family members who love these men, to come and be with them, encircle them and love them, give them energy once again – and assist them home to the source of all light and all love. What we call ‘Heaven’.

Slowly, like a dance of fireflies, they begin lifting up, in little groups of light, a beautiful sight, and begin flying away into the heavens, until only Cheryl was left standing on the balcony.

Her pain and shame and grief are overwhelming.

‘You did a great job Cheryl. They have all gone home to light. It is time to forgive yourself now Cheryl. Are you ready?’

‘No’ she says ‘No I can't. How can I? They were devastated.’

‘You must forgive yourself as well Cheryl. Each and every man realized that forgiveness was the only way they would be free of this pain and trauma, and so must you. You have learned a great deal from this experience haven’t you?’


‘Will you ever forget it?’

‘No way. Never.’

‘Will you ever repeat it?’


‘Will you ever allow yourself to get into the same position again, to be seduced by power?’

‘Hell no.’

‘Then it seems clear to me that you deserve forgiveness. How do you feel about it? Are you willing to forgive yourself? To free yourself and begin healing in your current life?’


‘I think so.’

‘Okay. Please repeat after me….’

I guide Cheryl in making a statement of self-love, self-forgiveness and universal learning and growth that will be witnessed by every being present in the dimension of expanded consciousness in which she is currently traveling. This is a powerful statement, and lets everyone know that she has learned enormous lessons she will never repeat, and has been forgiven for her acts, and now chooses to release herself from her own blame and shame, to move forward in her self-development, so that she may now begin adding positivity to the Earth and its people.

‘How do you feel?’ I ask.

‘Strangely peaceful and light.’ She says.

Having initially cleared up 2 other lifetimes before we reached the life as Pharaoh, Cheryl and I have now been working for 3 straight hours, and Cheryl’s energy has help up incredibly well. Being that in her present life she is under great physical strain, it seems she can work longer than most people, However, I see that she is tiring now and it is time to wrap up the session, even though I have not had the chance to ask if there is still outstanding Karma for her to repay. That will have to wait until next session; she is too tired right now.

‘Okay. It’s time to end the session now by bathing your energetic body in a rainbow of colours to recharge you, so please…’

‘There’s someone here.’ Cheryl says.

‘Who?’ I ask.

We do not expect anyone to appear at this late stage of the session. It is up to me to determine who this being is, what their connection to Cheryl is and what they want, ensuring it is safe for my client, before allowing any interaction between her and this person to take place.

‘A very tall, thin man, in long white robes. Man! He’s about 12 feet tall!!’ she says.

I ask Cheryl to address him: ‘Please identify yourself and why you are here’

‘I bring a message for you’ He says

‘From whom?’ we ask

‘Your soul family and the Karmic Court.’ Ah. Yes – the little issue of Karma.

A message is okay to receive. ‘What is your message?’ we ask.

‘Your Karma is clear. You don’t need me anymore.’ He says with an enormous grin and Cheryl and I immediately receive his meaning via a telepathic vision he sends us, showing us that he has been overseeing her Karmic re-payments. A Karmic parole officer! In all my time in this work, I have never encountered a Karmic parole officer. It’s a day for surprises!

And with that, he begins to float almost maniacally-happily away, so happy not to have to work at making sure Cheryl is repaying her karma anymore.

The question about Cheryl’s Karma having been cleared up, we continued on with refreshing her energy field and gently bringing her back into her body, back to present time, here and now.

‘Wow’ she says afterwards. ‘Wow’ seems the only fitting word.

We arrange to meet the next day and part. Cheryl goes back to her hotel to rest, and I finish by cleansing my room, the crystals and myself.

The next day we meet in my office and debrief. She slept well last night – a first! Overnight and this morning there are so many things about her life that she has not understood that are making sense now. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place slowly for her, hour after hour, and they will continue to do so for a couple of weeks. However, right now, it is time to us Kinesiology to ask her body’s inner wisdom if we can begin working towards healing for her….

We again cleared the way to honest and accurate information from her body. Then I again asked the body the question about being ready, about it being okay to heal, and her body’s reply was ‘Yes’. Joy!

Cheryl and I worked solidly over the next 12 months, initially once every 2 weeks, then once a month, clearing past traumas held in her body or energy field from the events of her life, and occasionally clearing some more past life issues.

Three months after beginning, she has quit her alcohol addiction, is sleeping better and is experiencing happiness and joy for the first time ever in her life. Now, anything is possible.

Here's the interesting thing though....Cheryl looks just like the images of those elegant Ancient Egyptians..............

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