From 0 to 200 beats per minute, in 2 seconds: Heart Condition linked to Fear & Panic.

A lady I will call Gail came to see me, as she had heard I did things ‘differently’ but got results. Gail had been suffering for over 50 years with a very serious heart condition known as tachycardia, which is a sudden and abnormally high heart rate.

It would start suddenly at odd times and Gail would end up in an ambulance to hospital. Doctors couldn’t help much over the years, and it continued to occur. Gail really didn’t think I could help, especially as we were working only over Skype! But her friend encouraged her, so she came to try.

It was better than suffering without trying, she said.

In our second session, through my rigorous testing, we uncovered the cause of Gail’s heart problem. Gail was triggered by anyone who would even so much as raise their voice at her or hint at being hostile.

We discovered this was due to great hostility all of her life, since childhood from a family member, which was always veiled and delivered more like a threat of attack, than actual aggression. This caused her subconscious antenna towards hostility and hostile people to become extremely finely tuned in; and at the first hint of hostility, or even dislike, her heart rate went so high it was frightening: to Gail, to her family and to her doctors.

We worked together over the course of 12 months, over perhaps about 8 sessions, and the results speak for themselves. Gail’s heart rate is stable, even when she is confronted by this family member, or others around her are disapproving or even hostile. She has not had any tachycardic incidents since. She is so balanced and relaxed now that even her cholesterol has dropped into healthy ranges – she was so happy she even sent me the blood test results to see for myself.

Our bodies remember everything and store it in cell memory – for our survival.

Every condition of the body is a symptom of the internal condition – the subconscious thoughts and feelings we carry.

Even though it may seem impossible that a physical condition has it’s roots in a distressed or imbalanced emotional or mental state, all parts of us are connected and cannot be disconnected from all other parts! We are wholly connected beings, and an imbalance in one part of us affects other parts of us. Does it now seem possible to consider that our trapped feelings can sometimes make us unwell?

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