Waking Exhausted! Restless Legs Linked to Bullying.

Restless Legs Linked to Bullying!

Last year it was my pleasure to help a lovely 11yr old girl I will call Jenny, who had been having restless legs and they were keeping her awake every night.

She woke tired and her Mum said she usually crawled onto the couch first thing in the morning to try to sleep some more! She was always cranky and not enjoying life! Her restless legs would not let her sleep, bike, swim or surf.

Visits to the doctor didn’t seem to help, they weren’t sure if it was restless legs or just growing pains.

The beauty of working with Kinesiology meant we quickly uncovered the cause, which was that Jenny had a great fear held in her nervous system from being bullied and threatened. Another wonderful discovery was that Jenny had blocked the shock of being bullied, and all of her reserves were going towards avoiding feeling the shock. While this is natural self preserving psychological response, it meant unfortunately not only tiredness, but also that she was kept in a suspended state that rendered her unable to process the shock; as well as the event itself.

Having tested her body and received permission to continue, we found we needed to use several different methods to calm her, including flower essences, tapping as well as Chinese meridian therapy specifically on her legs, to heal and remove this fear, and to calm her leg energy - she was subconsciously wanting to run from the bullying!

The next day Jenny’s mum phoned to say they went home and not only did Jenny sleep well, she woke early, full of energy, jumped on her bike and went with friends to an early morning swim at the beach! Her Mum was amazed! And thankful.

Jenny has done this every morning since her session, and is now a happy child again. The family are relieved, and grateful.

Everything has a reason, it’s just a matter of connecting the dots with Kinesiology!

What will you discover?

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