Can't Eat Anything Anymore! Food Intolerance linked to Emotionally Deficient Digestion.

A lady whom I will call Kate came to me for help with her allergies - she reacted to almost everything she ate! Even the 'good' foods, like apples. She asked me to help her identify her food allergies so she would know what she could safely eat. She was suffering from terrible gas, bloating, discomfort, nausea and irritable bowel, which she had had for the past 2 years.

She brought in with her samples of the foods in her pantry - 3 bags full. While testing her nervous system, we found we needed to access an event recorded in her subconscious, dating back 2 years. Kate remembered this was when she was accused of doing something at work she had not done; and her muscle tests confirmed this as the time of the original problem.

She had struggled with feelings of injustice and despair. She thought she had dealt with the issues connected to being blamed at work, but they were just buried in her nervous system – the way most of us naturally cope! As she put it “I couldn’t stomach it!” In response, her body’s Stomach Meridian (an energy system which supplies the stomach, identified by the Chinese over 2,000yrs ago), was in ‘sleep’ mode; and not producing the digestive juices to break down her food – resulting in undigested food entering her system and causing terrible gastric problems! This undigested food was then treated as an invader in Kate’s system, hence her allergic/intolerant reactions to her foods.

As we corrected her Stomach Meridian energy, her stomach made a very loud noise, and she exclaimed ‘I haven’t heard that for years!’ From that day onwards, she has been completely astounded that she can eat everything again, and enjoy good digestion!

Everything is connected within you, it’s just a matter of discovering the link through our body-friendly testing system. Sometimes causes are not what we think they are.....!

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