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Anika combines all of her skills, her highly developed intuition and over 300 techniques to correct imbalances in all areas of a person (eg skeletal, muscular, biochemical, mental/emotional and quantum) Anika can balance everything from structural corrections through to mental/emotional healing and even past life healing and karmic clearing.

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Professional Kinesiology

Using gentle muscle monitoring, called Kinesiology, Anika assists your body to reveal you the stresses, obstacles and blockages still keeping you from health and happiness, with amazing specificity. A graduate of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, Anika uses a medically-designed protocol that has been shown to show results with every session. Anika specialises in accurate testing of all of your bodies (physical & energetic) to find the obstacles keeping you from achieving your health, relationship and success goals, as well as your body's preferred method of correcting the stressor.


Also available is the Discovery Treatment Plan which uncovers your body’s desired treatment plan for your issue. This can include any eastern, western or alternative therapy that you and Anika may be aware of. Anika is happy to refer you where and when required.


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Physiospect Scanning & Correction

The Physiospect is a one of a kind Quantum frequency scanning tool used to scan and analyse the various organs and systems of the physical body in a non-invasive way. Within seconds, the Physiospect shows on screen the condition of organs, tissues and cells, saving you large amounts of time and money, and of course, discomfort.

Physiospect finds out how strained an organ is, if the frequency matches the vibration of a disease which could develop, how much the cells are influenced by a specific disease, and which microorganisms are in the area. The Physiospect looks at imbalances and/or weaknesses that, left untreated or unfound, can lead to illness.


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Past Life Clearing & Healing


This is a process of clearing present aches and pains in the body, mind or heart. The tool used is Crystal Dreaming, an advanced healing method used to facilitate the safe and easy opening of a person's third eye sensitivity and their conscious mind, to look into their body or their problems and discover the hidden causes of these problems for themselves. Unlike drug-induced Shamanic Journeys used to gain insights, Crystal Dreaming is safe and controllable. The goal is to free the person from pain, from distress, anxiety, addiction and other debilitating conditions. Particularly useful for overcoming stubborn conditions, and life situations not improving due to negative Karma still outstanding. Profound shifts occur.
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