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Anika is an entertaining, engaging and sought after teacher and presenter.


As a young woman in her first job, a manager saw in Anika the ability to explain things to others in a way they could easily understand, no matter the person's language, skill level or cultural background; and immediately promoted her to trainer.


She started training and teaching others age 15, and loved it. Anika has an innate ability to impart complex topics in a light and easy way that’s simple to understand;

often using humour and making people laugh.


Anika has trained and presented to groups of 5 to 500 people with great success. 

She has worked for companies such as McDonald's, Sheraton, Platinum Pursuits, HungarHotels in Europe and Qantas.

She holds a TAA Cert IV and is now a member of the Faculty at the International

College of Professional Kinesiology Practice where she trains people in the science of Kinesiology. She also creates and teaches her own empowering workshops.

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