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Come & Be Supported in Your Profession!

My Intention Is To Assist you to Better Your Therapy, Better Your Self Care, and Maximise Your Satisfaction and Your Career as a Kinesiologist.

Come and Benefit from my Knowledge.

Ask All the Questions You Like, and Learn Easy & Effective New Techniques for Yourself & Your Clients.

Take Advantage of all the Lessons of Professional Development I have Learned, including Running Clinics

& Professional Self Care to Avoid Burnout.

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Professional Development
& Mentoring

Anika offers personal sessions in professional development and mentoring to answer your queries and help develop in you the confidence to think problems through for yourself. In these sessions she alternates between Teaching and Mentoring. While similar, Mentoring differs in that instead of teaching you, Anika listens and asking questions to train you to reflect and think and allow you to see the answers for yourself. This way, you are empowered to think through problems and come up with answers and techniques on your own. These sessions can be about debriefing on stressful issues triggering you, to find out what to do about them not upsetting you again in the future.

Anika also offers kinesiology sessions to balance any goal you may have about learning, recalling and applying your kinesiology/other therapy techniques, as well as confidence in your work. She can also share self-care techniques with you to keep you well.


Sessions: are in person, or via phone or skype.

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     ''Hi Anika,

I Just wanted to thank you for the awesome mentoring session. Its made such a difference - THANK YOU! I feel like my feet are actually on the ground now, and I am carrying out my

Kinesiology Balances with much more

confidence! I feel completely different.

Thank you!'

S. Alexander, 2017.


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