The 5G Large Oyster House Plate, is one of the most important products in our range, along with the Electron Stabiliser, needed to create a calm and inviting home, safe from EMF Radiation. These two products work beautifully together and are both required to do the complete job. One is dealing with WiFi and everything under and outside the home, the other with everything electrically in side the home. One only will not do the job you’re looking to achieve.


This Particular configuration of the 5G Large Oyster House Plate is made specifically for homes or properties in areas of high chaotic signals/communication (cities and suburbs) or large properties.  The energy covers 12+ Hectares or 30+ acres, however this is reduced in high communication areas and especially 5G towers, as the plate is required to work harder.


The 5G Large Oyster House Plate, also included in the 5G Large Oyster House Kit and the 5G Elite House Kit, helps counteract the effects of geopathic stress, (underground water and earth energy ley lines, which is also been found in country areas where one would expect only tranquillity.  This is in addition to the discovery of when a hidden tower or business is located with high voltage processing plant near by.


Some farmers have reported growing larger healthier plants with less water, as the geopathic stress has been reduced.


The 5G Large Oyster House Plate is made from two specially developed House Plates and should not be placed on metal.


This Plate produces a specific energy which makes the frequencies from Mobile phone towers (microwave signal), Satellites, Communication Towers, Radar, High Voltage power lines, Solar Farms and Wind Farm Turbines, etc., biologically compatible to enable us to live harmoniously with these man made chaotic frequencies.

Tesla 5G Large Oyster House Plate or Farm Plate

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