Meta-Physical & Intuitive Healing

The science of that which transcends the physical into Quantum

Meta-Physical takes its meaning from Meta, a word of Greek origin which means, “higher” or “greater than” or “beyond” – in this case, the physical self. It is used to refer to the invisible fields of energy that surround a person and which influence directly their physical state and health, which are responsible for the manifestation of you and your body in every way.

A person who knows how to access and heal a person Meta-Physically is termed a Meta-Physical Healer or

In metaphysical understanding there is a definite and straightforward connection between body and mind. Working with one affects the other significantly.


Changing your thinking patterns and turning negative thoughts into positive ones could not only lead to physical healing but spiritual healing as well.

Having a negative mental pattern, or negative emotions, event, trauma or negative, unsupportive foods and substances, can and does lead to physical illness.

Happily, reversing the negative thought, emotion, event, trauma or substance into positive can and does eventually result in healing.


This is metaphysical healing in action.

Stress is said by the medical fraternity to be the main reason for developing a number of diseases. If emotions have nothing to do with the body, how can one explain these connections? There are many examples in the medical books and journals.

The truth is – The Answers Are Inside You. You are the reason for all your thoughts, actions and energy patterns that are producing in both physical and the spiritual world.


That means, you are responsible for your sickness and also for your cure!

Metaphysical healing makes you the master of you own health. It gives you the key to healing.

In metaphysical healing, the cure lies in finding the root cause of the disease. The illness is tracked back to its initial stages to learn more about the negative thought patterns that were developed at that time.


Knowing that helps you know how to cure the disease.


Most common causative agents of the diseases are guilt, anger and resentment. The emotions that are highly affective healers are self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love. The emotions are responsible for making you sick, and only emotions can heal you back to full health.


Medicines that we use to treat our diseases don’t correct the cause of illness but only reduce the symptoms. Medicinal healing is the superficial curing that doesn’t have long-lasting effects, and the disease may come back again.

On the other hand, metaphysical healing heals at the cause. It not only cures the symptoms but completely kills the root cause of any illness.


For instance, stress and worrying caused by money problems and its related issues can lead to the pain in the back. As the back is our supportive part and money is also support; thus, they are connected. Many more connections become clear with the help and facilitation of a Meta-Physical healer or Meta-Physician.

When the negative pattern is determined, he will replace it with the positive thinking and pain will go away on its own.


In metaphysical healing, your healer can help you to find the cure for most medical problems. Be prepared to be surprised when you initially uncover it. The cause will most likely be nothing you ever considered....


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