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Kinesiology is………Like nothing you have ever encountered before......


Did you know that the body sometimes needs help to rebalance itself internally? To reignite muscles and nerves for example? Did you know that pain can be from a muscle not being switched on? Or from a muscle that can’t switch off, and so it pulls all the time? Did you know that dandruff and other skin issues can be a result of a food reaction? Did you know that a common cause of chronic illnesses (chronic fatigue, liver function, bowel function, etc) is an imbalance in the body’s electrical connections? Did you know that pain down your left side can actually be from injury down the right-side, and your nervous system could be malfunctioning and sending the message down the wrong side of your spine in order to avoid the area?


Did you know that these things can be identified and reset by a Kinesiologist?


Kinesiology …… a Revolutionary Way of Healing™


Kinesiology is an astonishingly simple and effective holistic therapy that accesses your body’s nervous system intelligence to reveal causes of issues in your body and your life.

With Kinesiology, once a weakness is identified for a person, that same weakness can then be used to identify the correct healing technique that will reverse the stress. Once the stress is dealt with, put to peace and healed, the body then naturally comes into healthy balance once again. This method of healing is often selected by people who have had no results or relief from Western medicine, or whose symptoms confuse or baffle doctors.

Common side effects of kinesiology include health, joy, harmony, lightness and peace of mind.

Every body system, organ, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, however, these electrical lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected. This then leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being. The removal of built up stresses in a person’s body/mind/heart, allows the body's energy systems to be re-balanced so they can operate as nature intended.


Kinesiology stimulates the body's innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. The goal of Kinesiology is to return you to full function and health.



Western medicine and related western therapies’ focus on the symptom you have. They treat only the symptom, not the rest of you.


Kinesiology combines western and eastern healing techniques and philosophies, one of which is to treat each person as a whole being. We understand that no part of a person can be divided from any other, and so any part of you may be affecting any other part of you, and causing a problem.


Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat symptoms; instead Kinesiologists work on bringing the whole person back into balance. We do this by treating holistically: we begin by taking the time to listen to your thoughts and feelings, your issues, your symptoms, and most importantly: Your Goal – What it is you want to achieve? To be out of pain, physical mental or emotional? To achieve a great goal, such as a happy relationship or the career of your dreams? It could be to play footy without an asthma attack, or to get back into your car after a car accident without post-traumatic stress, to be free of your headaches. All of these are attainable goals.


The basic principle of Kinesiology is to bring all of the person’s body and energy systems back into balance. Why? Because illness or despair are imbalances, and a balanced body finds it very hard to be out of balance, or in dis-ease!

Kinesiology can help with a vast range of issues from the physical to the mental/emotional, the energetic (fatigue, etc), biochemical etc. Everything from allergies to asthma, chronic fatigue to depression, digestive disorders to learning difficulties, nervous disorders to postural problems, poor performance levels, relationship challenges, - whatever the presenting problem is, the body is saying it is out of balance, and Kinesiology can help to rebalance a person’s health.

The Kinesiology System provides low-cost preventive care, reduces hospital stays and lowers the cost of drug use by stimulating the body to heal faster.

Please note: a side effect of Kinesiology is health.

Skills & Techniques


Did you know that no other therapy offers the effective tools that are specific to Kinesiologists? Did you know that a PKP Kinesiologist has over 300 tools they can offer to you? Such as acupressure, as well as muscle corrections, as well as bone realignments, as well as hormonal balancing, as well as gentle trauma release, as well as freedom from debilitating thoughts, habits, actions and behaviours, etc, etc, etc.


A Professionally trained and accredited ICPKP Diploma Kinesiologist (International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, can correct imbalances in all the systems of the physical body as well as all the energetic systems such as the brain and nervous system, as well as the lighter energy areas of meridians, chakras and aura layers. A PKP Diploma graduate has been fully trained in Anatomy & Physiology as well as Pathophysiology and can offer about 300 different skills to their clients, here are just a few:

  • Bone and posture readjustments (like chiropractic or osteopathy, but without any cracking).

  • Energy adjustments and boosts through acupressure (like acupuncture but without needles).

  • Muscle repair and re-ignition (turning back on or off) (unlike physio, each and every muscle in the body [including unreachable muscles] can be individually tested and quickly corrected).

  • Re-patterning the body and its movements (like Rolfing or Alexander/Feldenkrais techniques).

  • Re-establish confidence, self-esteem and self belief (like counseling).

  • Clearly identify problems and solutions with your biochemistry, hormones and nutrition (like naturopathy, only with added accuracy of muscle-testing).

  • Access, through muscle testing, stressful times and events and effectively, quickly and safely releasing old traumas from serious injuries, accidents or abuse (any type: physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, neglect, financial, psycho-sexual etc)(like psychotherapy).

  • Repair and reset electrical impulses from your brain & nerves to all body systems, organs, tissues and cells, to restore function and health (like neurology).

  • Test and identify breaks, cracks and holes in chakras and aura layers that seriously debilitate a person and rectify them immediately (like energy or spiritual healing).

These few techniques mentioned above make up less than 10% of an ICPKP Diploma trained Kinesiologist. All other skills the Kinesiologist has which are learned outside the PKP course are also on offer, making the amount of healing techniques available quite sizeable.


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I look forward to the great honour of facilitating your journey back to health and happiness! Anika.


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