Illnesses & Issues

I have overcome.

This list of illnesses and issues I have personally overcome is provided so you may appreciate you are coming to be attended to by a person with a lot of experience in pain, illness and despair, and who knows how to overcome these to gain health, happiness and joy!


Childhood illnesses & injuries: Chicken pox. 2nd and 3rd degree burns to arm, a fall that resulted in a cracked skull.
Tonsillitis: chronic for 10+ years, antibiotics plus surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids.

Lots of coffee and sugar as a child –often suffered hypoglycaemia which led to:

Insulin resistance or pre-diabetic state, which contributed and brought about Polycystic ovarian syndrome, twice, involving hormonal imbalance, infertility, pain, many cysts that burst in abdomen.

This led to Hypothyroidism – twice. Both times overcome with herbs, diet and exercise. Gained 25kg and lost 35kg.

Gluten intolerance – led to many digestive and internal organ problems later identified, mainly:

Adrenal Fatigue and very near exhaustion (stage 3) – Blood Pressure was 60/40 – rebuilt adrenals and entire digestive system.

Broken bones fractured arms hands (due to falling, running, etc). Fingers broken when caught in door, glass in foot – still there. Fell on coccyx twice and fractured it.

Dairy intolerance – led to internal inflammation weight gain and hormonal disturbances.

Overcame Carbohydrate addiction.

Overcame constant fight/flight/survival state due to unstable/unsupported home life.

Overcame many gymnastic, volleyball, basketball, ballet, horse-riding injuries, car accidents, whiplashes, bone bruises.

Overcame flat feet (orthotics as child – painful and embarrassing, twisted ankles) by rebuilding muscles in the feet..

Healed bad knees post pregnancy

Suffered displaced pelvis, rotated for 22yrs, finally in place.

Suffered 10yrs chronic lower back pain, Kinesiology has overcome it.

Sacroiliac joint out for 9 years due torn glut max in accident. Kinesiology remedied this injury.

Clinical depression 5+ times before aged  38

Overcame severe spider phobia from incident in childhood.

Overcame unhealthy cells in cervix (was CIN3).

Survived an ectopic pregnancy, due to PCOS – causing near death, emergency surgery and loss of Right fallopian tube (unnecessarily as it turns out).

Suffered and healed from many Intestinal parasites while traveling for 20 years.

E-coli infection which very nearly killed me.

Menstrual cycle out of whack due to PCOS and flying as flight attendant.

After all that, managed to conceive completely naturally at age 39, and had natural drug and pain-free childbirth of healthy beautiful baby girl 4kg.

Suffered placenta acretia post birth (placenta too deep in uterus wall) and had to have surgery to remove placenta, nearly lost uterus.

Suffered great shock and trauma in spine due to spinal block anaesthetic. Months of spinal agony.

Years of pain sleeping on stomach following birth.

Trauma of death of my baby daughter.

Alcohol addiction as result of death of my daughter.

Overcame terrible anger at her loss.

Overcame 18 months horrific grief and depression. Kinesiology and nutrition were a massive part of this recovery.

Suffered terribly debilitating inter-cycle bleeding after my daughter; very distressing and tiring. Re-established hormonal health to re-establish healthy menstrual cycle.

Overcame distress and trauma of many miscarriages and one termination.

Due to many antibiotics suffered an under-functioning liver, which resulted in fat gain.

Reprogrammed myself out of Co dependence.

Suffered for 20yrs the effects of divorced parents, but:

Healed all the abandonment issues of my divorce filled childhood.

Entered and exited a Domestic Violence relationship with a person who had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Worked out how to beat him at his own game of stalking me. He never returned.

I have suffered and overcome psycho-sexual, sexual, emotional, mental, nutritional and financial abuse and chronic neglect.

I have experienced a negative spiritual entity attachment, which was influencing me to feel tired, depressed, cry and to do things not in my nature. I over came and removed this entity.

I spent the first 25 years of my life trying to work out what it was I was seeing, hearing and feeling that others could not: energies, entities, and illnesses in the bodies of others, as well as events and opportunities that were about to occur.

This led me to develop my intuitive abilities further into palm reading, mediumship, and finally spiritual healing and now teaching, liberating and empowering others, no matter what they may be going through.


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