Thank You From My Heart To Yours

December 2019

Hello Empowered Clients!


I want to thank you sincerely from my heart, for trusting me this year to facilitate your changes, your awarenesses, your growth and your understanding of the yourself, and assist you to transform into the best version of yourself you can be!


Thank you for your trust, and your faith in me, and your work to help yourself as well!


While I will continue to work with clients one on one, as this is something I love, 2020 brings new and exciting opportunities for me. I will be hosting gatherings, talks and workshops regarding health and healing, at first in the Byron Shire, then moving out to Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne. 


The talks and workshops will be both for the public as well as for practitioners of all modalities.


How this came to be was driven by the fact that once my clients had gone home and left the clinic, the conversation with them stopped, and that often the session time is barely enough to share all I know with my clients. I also feel that as my clients are focused on natural health and healing, I thought the majority of you may also benefit from sharing with others also focused on natural health and healing.


So In order to provide an avenue to bring everyone together I have formed a Holistic Health group on Facebook,  where we can all connect, share and I can notify you of our get-togethers. 


If you would like to come along to our small meetings to meet other people and practitioners who love to 

be Holistically Happy, Healthy and Successful, please do! We will have meetings every 2-3 weeks where we meet, mingle and chat about health and healing and staying well holistically. We will share stories, and hear guest speakers, as well as have a bit of fun with lucky door prizes and theme nights. Most meetings will be free, or minimal charge, about $5-$15 or so.


If you'd like to join in, pop onto the Facebook page called exactly that: "Holistically Happy Healthy and Successful" and click on 'join'. We already have over 100 people enthusiastic about our meet ups!


On the Facebook Group page you will see an entry (post) with a pic of people enjoying a conversation and a drink together - this is the invitation. Simply click on it to RSVP, or let me know directly that you'd like to come along.


Here is the link to the Holistically Happy, Healthy & Successful group.


I wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas and Holiday period, 

and look forward to assisting your continued empowerment next year.


Anika xxx.


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