The Electron Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) promotes cellular regeneration and repair by providing the body with the energy to heal itself. The EPRT unit delivers electrons to all the cells in our body in a gentle, cellular-compatible and non-invasive way using an ultra-low micro-current. This recharges the cells, which can then begin to take up their normal, healthy functions again.

Scientific research has shown that EPRT improves our body’s capacity to relieve pain and heal wounds and injuries in record time. It also improves post-surgery and injury recovery. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress and provides and overall sense of wellbeing, health and energy. The entire body benefits from the newly healthy cells.  It can assist with a number of health conditions, including: chronic/acute pain, bone Injuries, non-union fractures, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypertension, chronic & post-surgical wounds and soft tissue injuries.

Electron Pressure Cell Regeneration Therapy

- also called Bodihealth -

How does the EPRT Unit work?

A small wrap is applied to each of your ankles or your feet. Attached to these wraps is the EPRT Unit that delivers a very low current that flows throughout your body. Initially you may experience a slight tingling at the site of the wraps. However for most people a deep sense of relaxation is experienced. The unit operates in cycles of around 11 minutes and each full cycle is 23 minutes in length. Different settings are used for different conditions, but for musculoskeletal problems and overall wellbeing, sessions last approximately 90 minutes.

Is EPRT suitable for everyone?

Yes, however there are guidelines. The EPRT has been used on toddlers and children under five (5) on the lowest setting, for 1 cycle at a time (23 minutes). When using on children under five (5) the treatment cycle should be closely supervised. In children over the age of five (5) the EPRT may be used for 1 hour at a time under close supervision.  Deficient or excessive exercise, stress, poor diet, injury, pain and living an unhealthy stressful lifestyle can all interfere with cellular balance. If you are feeling run down, react to stress too easily, get recurrent colds or flu, or do not recover from exercise or injury easily, then it is likely that your body could be healthier at a cellular level.

Is the EPRT a T.E.N.S device?

No. The substantial difference between the EPRT device and a TENS unit is in its frequency and its delivery of energy to the body at a cellular level. T.E.N.S. is used primarily to stimulate movements of muscles for muscular rehabilitation.


How many EPRT treatments are required?

It is recommended to trial 3 sessions within 10 days and then gradually phase that down to 2 sessions and then 1 sessions every 10 days, depending upon the severity of your injury, pain or fatigue. After these initial sessions, your practitioner will be able to identify what and how many sessions would be recommended for your condition.

Is EPRT covered by my health fund?

Yes, EPRT is a registered medical device and sessions can be claimed from your health fund (please consult with your fund regarding your level of cover).

Will it affect medication?

If you are on antibiotics, we recommend that you wait until you have finished your course before you commence with EPRT . With respect to other medications you will still receive the benefits of cellular regeneration, but please discuss with your practitioner the types of medication that you may currently be taking.


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