Past Life Clearing

A Safe Journey Into Your Full Potential

Past Life Healing & Clearing is a healing session in which you and your body lead the way. By placing crystals around the body in a unique layout it is possible to trigger a shift in your consciousness into an expanded and heightened state of awareness where a shamanic journey or Crystal Dreaming™ can take place.


In this expanded state of awareness, after clearing negative energy and healing, it is possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing can occur.

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On this journey Anika, a trained advanced practitioner, will assist you with the release all blockages, including the release of; cellular memory, emotional blockages, past or present life trauma, negative energy, entities and interference from any other source. This technique opens all channels to the spirit world and beyond, facilitating inter-dimensional travel whilst remaining fully conscious (bi-location). In this state, profound, positive and immediate life changes often occur.

For those who are challenged by ill health, which refuses conventional treatment, whether it be created in this life, previous lives or other realities, we will locate, understand and treat the cause of any imbalance or energy blockage usually in the first session. Results of your Crystal Dreaming™ are immediate and permanent and have to be experienced to be believed.

Some further sessions may be required. Further sessions are for further clearing and positive gain – they are never to ‘re-do’ or revisit any part of a previous session. Once clear of old traumas and interferences, these advanced sessions then enable you to reconnect in full consciousness with your spiritual team or "Spirit Guides". With their assistance you may explore any aspect of reality, you may discover your life's purpose by integrating your Higher Self, or you may interact with other more evolved beings of light and unconditional love. You may meet with your Guardian Angel, Spiritual Teacher or the Ascended Master closest to your heart.

Crystal Dreaming™ will bring clarity of purpose to your life and frequently leads to a blissful reconnection with the Divine, it presents you with a golden opportunity to consciously activate and align with your life’s purpose or "blueprint" in service to the Divine and in a state of perfect harmony with the rest of creation.

Often one session can achieve this.


List of Conditions Crystal Dreaming Can Help With:


Overcoming blockages that cause pain and illness; such as:

  • nightmares and dreams, usually recurring.

  • crippling emotions of low self esteem, self doubt, hate, anger, fear, avoidance etc.

  • phobias, fears or anxieties

  • compulsive, irrational or unpredictable behaviours

  • chronic, stubborn, mysterious or unresponsive illnesses.

  • repetitive injuries to same body part (indicate trauma needing release).

Personally meeting (not through a psychic) and connecting with loved ones who have passed away.

Releasing energy blockages and cellular memory causing ill health.


Understanding & Healing past life trauma, death, abandonment, abuse etc.


Clearing trauma related to others in your family.


Dissolving and releasing past life vows, contracts and curses etc, made by you or on your behalf.


Facilitating forgiveness and release of self and others


Facilitating cleansing of past life karma for self and others


Detecting friendly spirit attachment


Detecting & releasing unfriendly spirit attachment


Healing extra terrestrial  experiences: memories of abduction, pregnancy, implants etc.


Cleansing of the entire body including the energetic layers of the aura and chakras.


Meeting your true guides who love and support you unconditionally.


Accessing your Akashik records: records of each and every one of our lives.


Learning your divine life plan or purpose -  what you are best working at.


Downloading useful information for fulfilling your personal divine life path plan.


Accepting love and abundance as your divine sovereign right.


Connecting to Divine Source and revelling in the Bliss of Love & Light!

Absentee Healings available, please enquire.


* Pre-Session Guidelines:


Avoid all illicit drugs and stimulants for at least 48 hours before a session. No marijuana etc, no ‘power’ or ‘energy’ drinks.

Avoid all 'softer' stimulants for at least 24 hours before a session.: no  coffee, chocolate or green tea, in food, pills or drinks. These all block access to your intuition. If you have taken these I will note them in your system upon arrival and we will not be able to continue; I urge you to follow these guidelines for your own health and for the success of your session..


Sessions may or may not be possible if you are currently taking heavy medications. Please speak with me as it may be possible to conduct a session dependent upon the medication and the timing of the taking of the medication and the timing of the session.


Please come comfortably dressed for the weather. Sweaters, socks and cardigans come in handy when doing energy work, even if you rarely use them.


You will need to rest and have a cuppa and a snack before attempting to drive afterwards.  Please bring a bottle of water, and a snack, maybe a warm drink in a travel cup if you wish for afterwards. I suggest organising a designated driver home, but if this is not possible, a walk and a snack afterwards will help.


* Cancellations require 48 hours notice for refund of deposit. Deposit refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of appointment are at the discretion of Anika Brizuela and are in no way guaranteed.


* Deposit of 50% is required at booking, the balance paid either day before or upon arrival.

* Failure to pre-pay or to arrive with payment will result in cancellation of your appointment without refund of the deposit, as the time that could have been sold to another person in need, has been wasted. If this occurs, sadly no rebooking will be permitted.


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