Get Your Mental, Physical, Energetic & Emotional Health Sorted Now.
All Sessions are Offered Online Since 2015.
Sessions will identify and correct mammoth amounts of issues for less than the standard $500 - $1000 charged for specialist visits or tests. Compare what you save.
Please note: To allow for clients to be able to access much needed stress relief during the coronavirus quarantine period, session prices have been reduced by half; and will revert back to normal amounts afterwards.

Free: Enquiry Chat

Life Is Too Short for Misery. This is a FREE 15 minute chat booking (phone or online) to help you make sure my services suits you; so you can meet me and ask me if what I have to offer will suit your situation. We can get some basic questions out of the way and I can share with you in more detail what I do, and how it has helped others in your situation. Book in anytime. My sessions are just as effective whether in person or via distance energy work, over the phone or internet. I look forward to learning how I can help you overcome your challenge - permanently. Because Life Is Too Short for misery!


60 min - Online Kinesiology & Metaphysical Healing Session - Eliminate Stress & Pain, Enjoy Relief

Positive Changes Guaranteed. Eliminate Stress & Pain, and Enjoy Relief in this Customised Kinesiology & Meta-Physical Intuitive Healing Session. Get relief from your issues now. Together we will access your body's inner wisdom to learn how best to heal, balance and strengthen you, or to achieve your Goal. I offer your body over 300 healing & correction techniques to select from. Come out happy and relieved. My sessions are just as effective whether in person or via distance energy work, over the phone or internet. *Please note - if we are in the middle of an important part of your healing and we need to go overtime, I will first check with you if it is ok to do so. If you approve and we extend by 30 minutes, the total charge for 90 minute session will be pro rata at $225.


60 min - Online Mentoring for Therapists & Business Owners.

I offer mentoring to health care workers, therapists and business owners, as these are areas in which I have experience and long term success. Come and take advantage of all the lessons of Professional life I have learned, including running a health clinic, professional self care to avoid burnout, interviewing and selecting the right staff for your business, marketing psychology etc.


2hr - Online Personal Past Life Healing - Across All Dimensions

I will assist you to access the cause of your issue for yourself, in any lifetime. Enjoy finding out finally why your problem exists and freeing yourself from it! Enjoy getting clear of all outside influences. Enjoy being free and strong again. A totally empowering and freeing experience. Powerful in-person session, or assisted over landline or Skype from anywhere. Please note: Remote energy requires more of my energy and nutritional reserves and this is reflected in the cost difference.


Animals - Comfort, Health & Happiness - Online - 1 hour

Give your animal friend relief now. I will access your animal friend's inner wisdom to learn how best to heal, balance and strengthen them, and bring them back to health. I offer over 300 healing & correction techniques to select from. See changes now. Positive Changes Guaranteed. My sessions are just as effective whether in person or via distance energy work, over the phone or internet.


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Enquire or Book Here.
Feel free to call or email me to discuss your situation and your needs.
Contact me either via the form here below or call/text me on +61 (0)468-618-288.
I look forward to connecting with you. 
Anika x.

Booking Policy

Please read carefully

  • A deposit/Master or Visa card number is required when booking any service. Without a credit card a booking cannot be guaranteed and may be replaced without notice by another with a deposit or credit card.

  • By giving your deposit or credit card details, you are agreeing to accept the clinic policies, terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • All credit cards transactions incur a 2.9% PayPal transaction fee.

  • Cancellation/Change of bookings will be accepted up to day before the client’s appointment without charge.

  • If a person cancels, forgets or fails to show for your appointment on the day, for any reason, 100% of the booking is payable and will be charged to the credit card.

  • If a person is late for an appointment, they will be charged for the entire amount of time which they had booked, and for the time which was kept from other clients.

  • If a person changes their appointment or elects to choose a different service on the day for any reason, they will be charged 100% of the fee for whichever service they had selected with the highest fee.

  • Regretfully, I must refuse to give sessions to anyone who either has or still has symptoms of any communicable illness, such as the flu etc. This is in order to protect not only my own health, but the health of other clients who may have low immune systems eg lupus or cancer/chemo etc. This is also to protect the appointments other clients have made, who can be inconvenienced when the therapist becomes unwell. If anyone presents for their appointment with symptoms of a communicable illness, I will regretfully have to cancel as well as charge for the appointment, for lost time.

    Please inform me of any symptoms you may have before attending my clinic.

    Now let's get on with your Healing! :-)


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