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Celebrating the wonderful people who took a brave step and allowed me to help them discover their individual paths to health and happiness.
I am honoured to have been allowed to assist you.

These testimonials are provided with the intention of allowing the reader

to see what is possible with my therapies (all names, dates and

genders have been changed).

My thanks to my clients who have agreed to express themselves so that others may learn what is possible. I am grateful to each of you!

At the start of the hour I was in a 9/10 pain in my feet. All the chiro and physio and specialist treatments haven't changed anything for me, but now at the end of your session my pain is at 2/10, and I'm not even in the same State as you! I don't get it but whatever you did really worked. I can walk again. You are unbelievable. Thank you. I'm looking forward to our next session!

- Mr. M. Roggan, Melbourne, 2020 -

"I am fortunate to have been recommended to Anika by a friend.

Having done a reasonable amount of inner work earlier I am happily surprised with what has been achieved with Anika's kinesiology sessions.


Years back I had this other profound healing experience, absolutely amazing, and the effect lasted less than a week. Now, five weeks after achieving the kinesiology goals, not only the effects endured but new signs of improvement keep coming.

The new information that came up and the healing that took place during the sessions is priceless, I enjoy a higher understanding of myself, my self-love is much stronger and more consistently maintained, I have more awareness to where I am at when challenging situations come up and can deal with them in a satisfying manner, and life is definitely happier!

I can only recommend!"

- Mr B. Mehan, Byron Area 2015 -

"I was extremely unwell with an undiagnosed illness. I had had many trips to Emergency by ambulance with heart rate around 180bpm and blood pressure around 240. Multiple tests were done with no recognizable physical issue by my medical team. My heart and arteries were in perfect shape and yet my body would suddenly go into meltdown.

I had heard of the wonders of Anika’s treatments and started to work with her via Skype. I had an immediate physical response after only one treatment and continued working with her to gain back my health, which is evidenced in my blood tests. Even my cholesterol is back down!

It’s hard to describe the extraordinary abilities Anika has, her high skill level and vast knowledge is complemented by her sensitivity and absolute dedication to her clients. It has been a privilege and  a joy to work with Anika"

- Mrs G Penshurst, Brisbane, 2015-16 -

 “Thank you for asking my body what it needed in order to heal itself. My therapist and I were doing all we could but it just wasn’t working and I was so frustrated! I honestly didn’t believe anyone could help me. I still find it hard to believe my body could tell you in such detail what was wrong, but I am so happy we found it! I can get back to working and exercising now! Thanks for being so curious! ”

- Shane Breker, Gold Coast, 2015 -

"It’s hard to believe that my leaky gut syndrome seems to have disappeared suddenly, after several years of driving me mad, not knowing what to eat or what symptoms I would be next tortured by, after just one session of Kinesiology. I am stumped! Thanks."

- K. Adams, South Brisbane, 2010 - 

"Wonderful care and treatment after my car accident. The results far exceeded what I thought was possible. I was in a lot of pain from whiplash and shoulder injuries but within a short space of time I could feel the treatments were working so well to loosen up the sore muscles and give me a lot of relief from pain. I am very grateful to you and those you recommended"

- D Richards, Suffolk Park, 2014- 

“Thank you Anika, very much, for doing all you could for me during the very difficult anxiety and depression I was going through connected to the stresses of my work. It is sometimes hard to seek help, but as you said, carers need care the most, and I am so glad I found you, a person with so much care. Thank you for helping me get to the bottom of the issues and helping alleviate these conditions gently and without drugs, It has been an amazing experience to see my body guide us, one I will never forget. I can truly say I am a calm and happy person once again thanks to your perseverance and care. Thank you for your big heart."

- Ms. S. Harris, G.P. , Byron Bay, 2015 -

“I won't pretend to understand what it is you do, even though you have explained it, but I will be honest and say I am dumbfounded as to how it can be possible for you to find that I am low in potassium. I will admit I did a blood test earlier this week and it showed low potassium levels. Spot On. Maybe you do communicate with my body after all."

- Mr. T. Owens, G.P. , Byron Area, 2014 -

"Please accept our thanks to you for helping daughter overcome severe depression and debilitating mood swings. We’ve been very concerned with her crying so much. Thank you for your compassion, and for taking the time to show her what her body needed, and working to help wean her off her anti-depressants.* Her moods are stable and she is much happier in herself every day. She enjoyed your sessions!"

*Note this was in conjunction with her GP.

- Ms. A. Stoner, Brisbane & Albury 2011 -

"After 40 years and much counseling and other work to resolve issues around sexual abuse, I was pleasantly surprised to realise that after 3 sessions of Kinesiology I feel no more anger towards the person. I feel free to move on with my life now and discover who I truly am, and I know that with your help the journey will be that much easier. I feel free. My heartfelt thanks."

- Ms. J. Gerald, Victoria Point, 2011 -

"Hi Anika, here's an update for you. I'm now up to 6 hours sleep a night, which is amazing. I seriously don't know how  survived on only 4 hrs a night for the last 20 years! After the exercises you helped me do in the session, I'm so more calm at work.


I've also made changes to relax more. I've spoken with my boss and will be doing only 8 hours a day now, not my usual 10-12; and I think I might even start enjoying (what I do best) again.


And I've also organised a bbq and invited my mates round. I've really been missing hanging out with them. I feel like I am getting balance back again, and it really feels good. Thanks so much for helping me found out what was keeping me awake all this time! I'll be back to see you when I'm up in Byron next"

- Mr. G. Dawson, Melbourne, 2013 -

"Hi Anika! I’m not sure if you remember me, I came in earlier this year to see you. After trying unsuccessfully for over a year, my Kinesiology goal was to get pregnant and have a healthy baby; and that’s just what happened! I just wanted to write and let you know that I had our baby boy recently, a very happy and healthy baby. He is 5 weeks old today. I really believe you had a lot to do with helping me get pregnant, so thank you so very much! I will be back for any further issues we might have."

Mrs Willems, Byron area, 2016.


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