So, what is available, what can my body choose from when I come for a Kinesiology or Discovery session?


​Please note: This is not a comprehensive list.

Some of the Skills & Techniques Offered By Anika

to Your Body for Healing are as follows:

Pain & Energy Balancing: to help with pain, chronic fatigue, disability etc.

Acupressure (needle-free!)

Chinese Meridian Therapy

EFT / Tapping

Gentle Colour Therapy

Gentle Sound Therapy

Nutrition and food for best performance or recovery.

Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression:

Amygdala out-of-control fight-flight anxiety resetting.

Phobia identification and peaceful healing.

Neuro-Vasculars to release tension in all organs, muscles and tissues.

Healing issues around touch, being touched or touching.

Metamorphic technique to reset birth problems at your birth.

Genetic patterns of stress and their release.

Unwinding the body internally.


Mind Balance:

Goal setting and achievement in a healthy, harmonious and achievable way.

NLP positive thought reprogramming.

Limiting or sabotaging belief reprogramming:  sabotaging beliefs are those that your subconscious thought were helpful at the time, but which are now holding you back and so are sabotaging your progress. Eg: I cannot have fun, I must work hard, etc.

Please note: if you find you have:

  • an unhelpful pattern in your life – always choosing what is not good for you but not feeling you can control your choice

  • a painful pattern in your life – gaining and losing money, weight,success etc

  • a limiting barrier in your life – you can get there but not further no matter what you try

These are the hallmarks of limiting programs. Please call for a clearing session.


Emotional Balance:

Gentle emotional counselling and relief, without retriggering trauma.

Dissociation Syndrome (not able to feel).

Co-dependance towards Interdependance.

Gentle Colour or Sound therapy.

Role Reversal Balancing – are you playing a role that’s unhelpful to you? Did you have no choice? Helping you to gain relief.

Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Image: seeing yourself with love, taking good care of yourself.


Trauma Balance:

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
    Stress and Emotional Trigger De-programming ™

     I call this Present-Traumatic Stress-Disorder ™ as it feels like it is in present time to the sufferer.

  • Trauma Event De-programming: an incredibly gentle, supported way of clearing of traumatic events; eg abuse, childbirth, loss, carjacking, accidents etc.


Whole Body Balance:

14 Meridian Balance: Balancing all the energies and muscles and organs of the body in harmony with each other again.

Body and Brain integration: joining the Brain with the Body to work in perfect harmony: removing stress to you can get a clear head, focus and get positive results when doing any kind of activity eg: studying, working, presenting, teaching, exercising, sport, competition.

Pattern Healing – Reprogramming old patterns your body has learned to go into automatically when challenged physically, bio-chemically, emotionally or mentally so you can find a new, healthy way to deal with any challenges.

Scar Integration – scars and tattoos can interrupt the energy flowing through your body, directly affecting organs. Gently reconnect them with your natural flow to bring back internal health.

Muscle, Tendon and Ligament corrections – for muscles switched off, permanently jammed on, inflamed, torn etc. Includes neck, face, throat, larynx and pharynx.

Cranial & Structural realignment:

Cranial Bone gentle realignment.

Jaw Release & Realignment

Pelvic rebalancing post-birth or trauma.

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand and Finger Joint Resets.

Hip, Knee, Ankle and Feet Joint Resets.

Spinal Support – balancing the muscles in the spine for pain removal, eg: neck, lower back, lordosis, scoliosis etc.

Unwinding and Resetting the shock absorbing fascia of the whole body, post-injury, accident or shock, so pain is lessened.

Electrical Balance to Body circuits – reconnecting sot that all parts working well with all other parts of your body – walking, running etc.


Healthy Biochemistry:

Addictions: to alcohol, food, gambling etc can all be helped.

Adrenal Repair: regaining balance from Stages 1, 2 or 3 of adrenal fatigue.

Excess & Deficiency of minerals or heavy metals: Identifying excesses of harmful substances (lead, aluminium, pesticides, drugs) or deficiencies of necessary ones (eg: zinc, calcium, boron, selenium).

Detoxing your body in your own body’s individually chosen way; safely, gently, precisely and sustainably. No guesswork risks or ‘health crisis’.

Inactivity: Identifying substances that are present (and showing up in blood tests) but not being utilized in the body; eg minerals, hormones etc, and what the body needs to accept them and utilize them in its biochemical processes once again.

Allergies or Intolerances: identifying and rebalancing what is making you unwell: foods, drinks, environmental factors (eg: house paint, cat fur).

Includes emotional intolerances, ie: not liking a food cos a person made you eat it, or you ate it under unfavourable cirumstances eg: liking fish but never eating it due to fish bone incident.

Blood chemistry balance – blood fats, blood sugars.

Blood vessel strength.

Immune and Lymphatic System Function.

Liver & Gallbladder Function

Pancreas & Spleen Function

Lung & Large Intestine Function

Stomach, Small & Large Intestine Function, including correcting problems in digestive stages: digestion, absorption, circulation, cell assimilation, and toxin elimination.

Kidney and Bladder Function.

Heart Function – rythym, rate, blood pressure.

Cholesterol Balance – heart, vessels, liver.

Hormonal Balance – all the glands working in harmony.

Menopausal Shifts – supporting you through change.


Energetic Health:

The frequencies that make up our energetic field or aura, progressively make their way into the physical body over time. Any imbalance in the aura will eventually cause illness, and so working in this domain real prevention is possible.

Aura – the storage of beliefs, ideas, feelings, thoughts, desires.

Chakras – All major and minor – plumbing through which organs gain energy – blocked or compromised = illness.

Electrical and Magnetic Fields: electrical cords, power boxes, computers, wifi, phones, phone towers, earth’s magnetic lines can cause direct and substantial imbalances and illnesses. Once found and mitigated, balance returns.

Healing on all energetic levels of traumas or wounds still affecting happiness and health, from this life or another.

Gentle removal of residual energies of others affecting you, often unseen and undetected.


Nutrition, Mineral & Vitamin Balance: Supplying the Vital Building Blocks for your Body and its Biochemical Systems that maintain your health - and your happiness!!!


Herbs: Regeneration of Organs or Tissues using Nature’s Most Powerful Plants.


Clinical Aromatherapy: Rebalancing through the support of Plants. Essential oils are the life-blood of plants and carry strong regenerative chemistry and rebalancing energy, as well as beautiful smells to lift your mood and spirit.


Essences: the Highest Frequencies of Nature, Found in Flowers.

Bach Flower Essences,

Australian Bush Flower Essences,

Scottish Findhorn Flower Essences,

Fox Mountain Flower Essences (USA)

Tree Essences Australia.

Shell Essences Australia.

White Light Essences Australia for the spirit.

Chakra Essences for Chakra and Auric Health.

Endocrine Gland Oils for Endocrine Balance (Thymus, Thyroid, Adrenal, Heart).


Homeopathic Remedies & Shuessler Tissue Salts: cancelling out unbalancing frequencies, and reminding the body how to function properly again.


Surrogating is also offered.

Surrogating is a method of balancing a person who cannot be tested by connecting them with a healthy person who agrees to help, and running the electricity of the unwell person through the healthy person to gain information on how to help the person who is unwell. The unwell person is then balanced using the information gained from them through the second (healthy) person who was able to be tested.

In every case, it is an incredible experience for both participants and has to be experienced to be understood fully.

This is helpful for:

  • Mothers with small children who need help and cant be muscle tested

  • Pregnant mothers.

  • Anyone wishing to treat someone who cannot be muscle tested eg: wheelchair, cerebral palsy, stroke etc

  • Animals and pets.


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