A multi-talented, highly-skilled Intuitive Healer and a well-trained, widely-experienced Therapist, Anika has been gently assisting people to heal for over 30 years. She enjoys facilitating healing for others using her extensive knowledge of many and varied healing therapies in a gentle, caring and supportive way and empowering them towards their health and happiness.


Anika is a Healer, i.e.: a person who knows how to facilitate healing to begin. She enjoys facilitating healing for others using her extensive knowledge of many and varied healing therapies in a gentle, caring and supportive way and empowering them towards their health and happiness.


Anika is also a Professional Kinesiologist who has been trained to work ethically, accurately and effectively. She is a member of the ICPKP faculty and is passionate about training & empowering Healers and Kinesiologists.


Anika believes we should all have access to our body’s inner wisdom, and we should use every therapy available to regain our health and vitality. As such, she became the innovator of Australia’s very first Integrated Healing Clinic; and the Kinesiology Discovery Treatment Plan method, which tests your body to uncover the different THERAPIES which will help you ultimately achieve your health, recovery goals.


She specializes in complex issues, and often helps clients where previous treatments have failed.  She is results-focussed and follows the Kinesiology process of focussing not on symptoms but on where the client wants to get to, such as back playing footy, working, having happy relationships etc. 

Anika graduated with a Diploma from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice and in order to fine tune her intuitive skills, she has studied Intuitive Healing and Medical Intuition with gifted mentors around the world, and arguably some of the very best instructors in Australia.

Anika has always had an enormous capacity for love and compassion for those around her. She was always caring for others and for animals, and it became obvious in her childhood that she was intuitive; often knowing things relating to the health of her family and friends that she couldn’t possibly have any knowledge of without specialised training – and yet her observations were correct and her advice helpful.


Although very active, Anika suffered from many serious health concerns growing up, which only intensified as she grew.. Her cultural background meant she was much sought after to work and train staff for many large corporations which, while fine-tuning her organizational and management skills, the pressures and responsibilities involved caused her several serious and debilitating illnesses; a couple which nearly ended her life. For a full list of issues and illnesses Anika has overcome, please click here.


During these difficult times, alongside seeking medical help, Anika sought her own healing. Her path led her to study the mechanics of physical, emotional, mental, biochemical and even spiritual and energetic healing, and she learned how to recover her body and her health from many debilitating conditions, from crippling anxiety to bouts of depression, from adrenal exhaustion to chronic fatigue, and more.


A turning point in her life arrived in the first 5 minutes of her first kinesiology session. There to seek healing from the loss of her child, Anika was amazed at her body revealing all its stresses, and choosing its own choices for healing.


Anika could see that this was a truly holistic therapy that honoured every single aspect of a person, from the physical body, the mind, emotions and the spirit; and after some amazing and unpredictable recoveries assisted by Kinesiology, she knew she would become a Kinesiologist and help others this way; testing the body and translating the messages from the body to assist others to heal with this gentle, body-led healing method.


This knowledge and experience of her own recovery has proven vital in assisting others with a deep understanding in recovering from traumas, both physical and emotional.


Over the years, having studied many therapies, Anika has come to realise and appreciate the inter-connectedness of all parts of a person, of the mind-body connection and how we are indivisible from any part of our selves.


Anika assists your body to show you the obstacles and blockages still keeping you from health and happiness. She specialises in accurate testing of all of your bodies (physical & energetic) to find out your body’s desired treatment plan for your issue. This can include any eastern, western or alternative therapy that you and Anika may be aware of. Anika is happy to refer you where and when required.


Anika combines all of her skills, her highly developed intuition and over 300 techniques to correct imbalances in all areas of a person (eg skeletal, muscular, biochemical, mental/emotional and quantum) Anika can balance everything from structural corrections through to mental/emotional healing and even past life healing and karmic clearing.


“Your physical and energetic bodies contain all the answers to the problems you are having. All you need is the facilitator who knows how to ask the right questions, who can assist you to understand the replies from your body, and who then can provide you the skills to correct the problem, restoring your inner balance and ease. I look forward to assisting you back to balance, peace and happiness.”


Complimenting her PKP Diploma are her studies in nutrition, herbs, therapeutic essential oils and vibrational remedies; as well as her caring nature and her intuitive sight and feeling. Her focus is to help others come out of just existing and begin thriving, to go from being on auto-pilot, to uncover and life their authentic self in every way. She considers it a very great honour to walk a person’s healing journey alongside them.


Anika is also an entertaining, engaging and sought after teacher and presenter. She has the innate ability to impart complex topics in a light and easy way that’s simple to understand; often using humour in the process. She is currently writing workshops on nutrition, sabotaging subconscious beliefs and emotional understanding and self-healing.


‘‘I invite you to experience the empowerment of Kinesiology, to discover what your body individually requires to assist you back to health

and happiness. I bring all my skills and experiences and place them at the disposal of your body’s inner wisdom. You are in charge, and

I am honoured to assist you on your journey of healing and self discovery.

I look forward to meeting you and discovering your path forward together with you."



Diploma - Professional Kinesiology Practice - ICPKP

Diploma - Hotel Operations & Management - HOSTA Switzerland

Faculty Member – International College Professional Kinesiology Practice- ICPKP

Crystal Dreaming – Advanced Facilitator & Therapist Trainer

Healer & Medical Intuitive.

Speaker, Trainer & Presenter

Member: National Federation of Healers

Member: Australian Institute of Kinesiologists

Languages: English, Spanish, Hungarian, French and Italian.


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Phone +61 (0)468-618-288

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